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Bmi calculator singapore health promotion board

bmi calculator singapore health promotion board

Does not guarantee the accuracy mar me quer mia couto pdf of information on this page.
These include capacity building of key stakeholders such as parents and teachers to empower them to shape the dietary and physical activity habits of the young.
Calculate your BMI, your weight (in kg your height (in cm).1 Sorof J, Daniels.14 September 2009, nEW HPB online your ONE-stop health information portal.13 HPB leverages on a multi-pronged approach comprising a variety of strategies to help the young achieve acceptable weight.Thereafter, any new information or articles on the preferred topics will be pushed to their personalised page (Refer to Annex I, Figure 3).There are also some articles catering to specialised target groups such as healthcare professionals, workplace health facilitators, caregivers and more.
In addition, the parents and their children will also attend nutrition counselling sessions where they will be equipped with knowledge and skills to eat healthily and remain physically active.
Your BMI is: What is a healthy BMI?
Studies have reported that android individuals with a high WHR are at a higher health risk as compared to gynoid individuals.BMI is also a consistent measure that can be used to track an individual s weight status from childhood through to adulthood.Height :cm, weight :Kg, health Risk : calcium phosphate product 55 Reference: Health Promotion Board, Singapore(px?Caveat, the results, cut-off values and charts are applicable to adults only.Health education programmes for the young leverage on various youth-centric channels including interactive summer games 3 game skits, health fairs and the online media.3 Apart from providing an indication of how a child s growth and development compares with that of his or her peers, the BMI-for-age charts also identifies the child s weight status and its associated health risks.Early in the 1800s, he created the BMI formula, or the Quetelet scale as it was then known, while doing social research.The term body mass index or BMI began to be used in the early 1970s because of scientist Ancel Keys who was also doing a social study similar to Quetelets.It was initially meant to measure the body mass index for population groups not individuals.Take a reading of both sites twice to ensure accuracy.However the term caught on and became popular.BMI is an indicator only and does not justify by itself any changes in your eating or exercising habits.BMI calculator, bMI stands for Body Mass Index.At the same time, they can extract preferred information feeds and online applications from HPB s website, to incorporate as content into their personal pages.